Getting Started

Adjust the Gambrel to About Chin Level

Attach the Gravity Hook

use a Pull-Up bar, Link

or the Gravity Bar

More about the Gravity Hook



Start with a Simple Stretch

the 2 Minute Exercise  

Advanced Stretches

Alternative Stretches

Tap to Pause. Swipe to Advance.


30 Seconds

or 20 reps

30 Seconds

30 Seconds

Stand & Pause 30 Seconds


IMPORTANT:  This is not intended to replace your Doctors advice. If you have had spinal surgery or have a history of chronic back pain be sure to consult with your health care professional before using Gravity Belt.

Wrap the Belt Around Your Back

Twist the Handles so the Grip Pads Face You

Hook the Handles to the Gambrel

Adjust the Gambrel up so the Belt is Snug to the Lumbar Curve

Detach the Hook to Adjust the Gambrel Down if Needed

Gravity Belt Feels Good!

The Key to a good stretch is Relaxing the Deep Muscles of the Spine to bring the Muscles to full extension which in turn allows the Connective Tissue to Decompress. When the body is Fully Relaxed the Pelvis Drops Naturally into Suspended Neutral Posture.

The ability to Fully Relax the Spine varies with the Individual, for some it may require practice over a few days to truly "Let Go" with the intuitive tense or anxious deep muscles. Don't rush it, go slowly, you're in control. Total suspension isn't necessary to get a good stretch. You should feel at ease and relaxed as the muscles reach full extension. If you feel pain, stop, consult your health care professional as this may indicate pre-existing torn or stressed tissue.

Relax, Let Go, Drop Your Pelvis