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Install the gravity bar in 5 minutes!
Using a common drill or impact driver with a T25 bit. Or use the supplied hand driver. (Using the hand driver will take longer)
Position the bar under the header.
The torx 25 screws should tighten fully.
The 5 minute Installation.
Hold the Gravity bar to the top left corner of the door opening opposite of the door swing with the slot pointing away from the door. 
(see gravity bar installation figures 1,2&3)
Use an impact driver or drill with a T-25 bit to drive the first screw next to the slot. Or use the included T-25 screw driver tool.
Slide the Extender Right to fit flush to the right corner. For 36
Installation Tips.
Any doorway with at least a 4

The Gravity Bar is not required but it might be the best way to use Stretchbelt. It installs in most Doorways between 28 to 36 inches with conventional wood construction of 4" walls or larger. Use special screws for metal or concrete doorways. Unlike many Pull-Up bars, the Gravity Bar fits neatly against the upper door jam and Blends well within the door frame making it ideal for tall people.

The Stretchbelt System can suspend an individual weighing up to 275 lbs using a properly installed Gravity Bar. Be sure to check the hardware weight limit when using alternatives to the Gravity Bar. The Attach Point should hold twice your weight for safety.

the Gravity Bar