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the Hammy Stretch

The Finest Hamstring Stretch on the Market!

Explore a Wide Range of Stretches with the Hammy

The Spine is an S Shaped Spring as a result of standing and walking erect. The Balance required for a Bipedal to walk is impressive. Along with the Spinal Groups, the Spring in our Step involves constant Muscle triggers along a vast network in the Pelvis, Thigh and Calf. These Muscles are the largest in the body and play a key role in Balance and therefore Posture for the Human Structure.

With time, these Muscles can lose their full extension and Contract causing the Pelvis to rotate out of Neutral Posture producing a cascade effect for the Spine as it tries to compensate thus Degrading the S Shape Curvature. Regular Stretching for the Glute, Hamstring and Calf is a good way to reset the Muscles toward a state of Full Extension and Limber, Neutral Posture.

A great companion to the Stretchbelt exercise for a Limber, Neutral Posture. Get Muscle Extension for many of the major muscles in the leg.

The adjustable Curved Handle provides a range of positions to issolate muscles and target specific areas with ease while lying in Bed or on a Mat. Made with identical materials to the Stretchbelt, the Hamstring Stretch has Tacitcal Grip Orthopedic Pads to add comfort, grip and ideal support for multiple positions.

the BiPedal Human Spring