Gravity Belt is the Product of Years in Development

The Secret is to Suspend your Core in Neutral Posture AT your Center of Gravity. This Prevents Involuntary Deep Muscle Triggers and Activation. Relaxed muscles allow the Body to Fall into Neutral Posture which Promotes Spinal Alignment Naturally and Easily. Through Computer Analysis we Engineered the first Structurally Sound Gravity Belt. A funnel like structure with a strategic Shape and Composition.  Each Grip on the Belt is formed with layers of Orthopedic material for just the right amount of rigid support while maintaining a flexible structure to adapt with any body size and still comfortably keep Neutral Posture support in all 3 Anatomical Planes. The result is sheer magic.

We hand craft the Gravity Belt Product Line in Washougal Washington USA using the highest quality globably sourced materials.

Gravity Belt products are made tough for professional athletes to resolve back spasms, improve core muscle timing and increase a flexible range of movement. We have to build our products strong to withstand the routine of a commercial gym environment with everyday use and years of heavy service.

Now for the first time ever we have increased our production output to offer Gravity Belt to Everyone at huge savings.

Our goal is to help people around the World Safely Stretch and Reset the Spring for a Healthy, Limber Back.

Please contact us with your experience using Gravity Belt. We want to hear from you.  Let's spread the word about this powerful stretch that's helping people Ease Back Pain!

Happy Stretching!

the Gravity Belt Team

IMPORTANT:  This is not intended to replace your Doctors advice. If you have had spinal surgery or have a history of chronic back pain be sure to consult with your health care professional before using Gravity Belt.

After years of muscle memory always compensating for a spine out of whack, I just couldn't get back to normal.

One lucky day I hit on a solution that solved my pain and changed my life. Finally I discovered how to reset my inner deep muscle memory with one simple stretch. It was ridiculously easy and now I can't believe I went for 30 years in "on again", "off again" pain! The key is to fully relax while stretching, something I could never do before because the multifidus would activate with conventional stretches. With Gravity Belt my spine is funneled into Neutral Posture while suspended from Gravity so the deep muscles don't have trigger cues!  The body isn't compensating to balance with Gravity or a twisting spine. I can finally fully extend my body and decompress connective tissue to retrain deep muscle memory and boy does it feel good!

For the past 6 years my spine has remained in Neutral Posture. I'm standing taller, gaining nearly an inch! I can painlessly sit at the computer all day or pour concrete, it doesn't matter. I can jump up and down with ease at 62 and play like a much younger me, albeit without the hair. I am finally living a normal pain free life again.  What's more, all that gear I've accumulated over the years like

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My Story,

I come from a third generation feed store family in rural Nebraska. My job was lifting feed sacks all day every day by the tons.

In my 20’s after years of lifting I was in great shape. I felt invincible until one day I foolishly lifted a short block spitfire motor off my truck and put it on the driveway. The classic lifting, twisting and bending with a heavy weight that we're told not to do. Something in my lower

We want to share this amazing stretch with everyone so we're building as many Gravity Belt Systems as possible to help people everywhere with a better way to stretch.

I believe our spine is a spring and gravity compresses it.

Reset the Spring! It Feels Good!

Tom Langmacher, Gravity Belt Founder

I believe my pain was always about compensating for tissue damage from lifting that engine block and a spine that was no longer in neutral posture. Nerves pinched in just the right way and my inner deep muscles would spasm. The contracting muscles produced a cascade effect that resembled scoliosis where the S curve was compromised. Doctors advised physical therapy and pain killers. They all reluctantly suggested disc surgery saying it was not always effective and could do more harm, I resisted surgery. Therapists showed me a dozen ways to stretch but they always involved contorting my body or twisting, everything triggered and activated my inner deep multifidus muscle group.

I lived my life, I’d get better with treatment of all sorts, massage, lumbar roller, exercise ball, compression belt, etc. I’d try just about every thing that came along for low back pain. But a spasm was always a random twist or bend away. A sort of ground hogs day of pain with bed rest, pills and eventual recovery.

About Us

lumbar rollers, exercise balls, inversion tables, compression belts, lumbar gadgets and more just gather dust. With Gravity Belt I get my core stretch and strength training with a simple 2 minute exercise and I'm out the door!

The next 30 years produced random spasms that threw me to the ground in agony that only bed rest or pain killers could relieve.

back popped and that was it, like a knife in the back.