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Using the Gravity Hook.
Start with the gambrel at a lower height and adjust it upward once you're wearing the belt and it's connected to the gambrel. 
Wrap the stretchbelt around your back and connect the handles to the gambrel.
Attach the gravity hook with the gambrel about chin high. 
Wrap the belt around your waist and connect the handles to the gambrel. 
Lift the gambrel up while pulling the strap to adjust above your head or until the stretchbelt is snug to your lumbar curve. 
Note: Remove the gravity hook to adjust the gambrel downward. Lower the belt on your torso to prevent binding on the armpits or wear a heavy shirt or jacket.

The Stretchbelt System can suspend an individual weighing up to 275 lbs using a properly installed Gravity Bar. Be sure to check the hardware weight limit when using alternatives to the Gravity Bar. The Attach Point should hold twice your weight for safety.

The Gravity Hook attaches Everywhere! The Friction Mechanism sets the Gambrel to Any Height. This Compact design provides the highest possible position for Stretching in a doorway or under a pull-up bar which is critical for tall individuals. Perform standing, sitting and floor positions easily. The special Gravity friction buckle has No Moving Parts. There's nothing to break or fail so you can Stretch and Relax with Confidence!

Attaches to Pull-Up Bars, Hooks and Links. The Gravity Hook is also uniquely designed to work with the Sleek Low Profile Gravity Bar.

the Gravity Hook