Suspend Upright from Your Center Not Your Ankles!

It doesn't matter what stretch routine...
The Deep Muscles of the Spine Can't fully Relax!

Other Stretch Routines and Devices Trigger and Contract the Deep Muscles of the Spine because the Body must Balance with Gravity. If You're Prone, Standing or Sitting with Movement,Your Multifidus is Triggered and Activated to Protect the Spine. If the Multifidus is Stressed it can Spasm and Pull the Vertebrae Out of Alignment causing Pain.  

These Deep Muscles are Sensitive because they contain high concentrations of Propreoceptors, a kind of Involuntary Intuition for Body Movement. Even Emotional Stress will Contract the Multifidus as well as Stimulants like Caffeine.

We need to Stretch the Deep Muscles Every Day to Reset their Full Extension and Decompress Connective Tissue including the Intervertebral Discs for a healthy Spine and a Limber Neutral Posture. But how when they are constantly triggered and Activated?

Gravity Belt Reverses Gravity for the Spine in Neutral Posture within all 3 Dimensional Planes. You Control the Amount of Stretch which is Key in Training for Complete Spinal Relaxation. This lets the Deep Muscles FINALLY Relax and Reset into Full Extension allowing the Pelvis to Drop and the Spine to Relax Naturally while the Discs and Connective Tissue Decompress.

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Take Control of Low Back Pain

with the Deep Tissue Stretch

Designed for the Lumbar Curve

Just 2 Minutes Everyday for

Lumbar Bliss

the Compact Gravity Bar

The Gravity Bar looks great in any home decor. Choose custom colors and install in most interior Doorways.

Gravity Belt Works Everywhere

Use Stretchbelt in the Gym or at Home. Attach it to a pull-up bar or use the compact Stretchbelt Gravity Bar. You can even use a Link or Hook!

A Quick and Simple Exercise

to ease Low Back Pain

Finally an Incredible Lumbar Stretch like nothing you've experienced before.

Safely Relax, Strengthen and Decompress with one Simple Exercise.

Relax, Strengthen, Decompress

in One Simple Exercise  

US Patent  9,517,173 B1

Patents Pending

Stretching Feels Good!

-Deep Tissue Decompression without Trigger Cues-

-Neutral Posture Support in 3 Dimensions-

-Targeted Deep Muscle Strengthening-

the Perfect Stretch  

Gravity Belt is

Suspended Gravity for Neutral Posture

Fully Relaxed Deep Muscle Extension

without Trigger Cues!

the 2 Minute Exercise

the Spine is a Spring

Muscles Have Memory

Relax and Reset the Spring

the Patented Gravity Stretch

Engineered for the Lumbar Curve

Gravity Compresses the Spring

A strong Core literally creates the bounce in our step. Core Strength Starts with Neutral Posture both moving and static. Good Posture is important for long-term health and can Prevent Pain, Injuries and other Health problems over the course of a lifetime.

Our miraculous spine is constructed as a series of Vertebral bones connected by Intervertebral Discs acting as Shock Absorbers and Connective Tissue to the Vertebrae. The shape resembles an S with three natural curves.

This S shape is essentially a Giant Spring designed to balance the body within an infinite range of movements.

The Body changes slowly over time with Muscle Memory recording each day. Discs Compress and Muscles Atrophy. Connective tissue and Fascia lose elasticity. As the body contracts, cartilage wears and nerves pinch. The overall effect produces Pain. All the while the Deep Muscles adapt and contract to form the new imperceptibly changed, Spinal Shape of the Day.

In time, Gravity can produce a Degraded Spinal Curve resulting in poor Standing Posture, when the head, shoulders, hips and feet don't align vertically.  When the Pelvis is Rotated Out of Neutral Posture, the spine has lost the natural curve and literally the Spring!

Lose Neutral Posture

and Lose the Spring

Stretch with Relaxed Deep Muscles

Let the Deep Muscles Relax, always Respect the Curvature of the Spine and Equally Stretch all 3 Anatomical Dimensional Planes to ensure even Disc Decompression and a Safe Deep Muscle and Connective Tissue Stretch.

Gravity Belt uses Gravity to Cradle the Natural S Shape Spine within 3 Dimensional Planes to Suspend Gravity in Neutral Posture.

The Spine is Protected in a Natural State During the Stretch so the Multifidus and other Deep Muscles can finally Relax without Trigger Cues Letting You Train for Complete Spinal Relaxation.

Target the Lumbar Curve

in 3 Dimensions

You Control the Stretch, Simply Bend Your Knees!

Gravity Belt creates a Flexible Funnel Shape with Comfortably Padded Semi-Rigid Grips that Accurately Suspend the Body in Neutral Posture to Safely Relax, Strengthen and Decompress.

Made with Advanced Tactical Orthopedic materials molded to Structural Mesh with an Exclusive Process to Promote a Natural Spinal Curvature.

an Aging Spring

Shrinks the Body!

You Get

the Best Stretch of Your Life!

Gravity Belt Fits most body shapes and sizes. This simple stretch, training and strength exercise is a great way to start and end your day. Get Deep Muscle Extension in just 2 minutes every day for a spring in your step and a happy, Limber Lower Back.

Get it Here!

Gravity Hook is Compact & Versatile. Attach in 3 ways: Gravity Bar, Pull Up bar or Carabiner. Adjust to any Height with no Moving Parts. Gravity Hook is Indestructable. Stretch with Confidence!

Gravity Belt is Strong. This Miracle Structure Accurately Grips for Neutral Posture in Complete Comfort with any Body Shape. Breathe Easy because Gravity Belt won't Restrict the Rib Cage!

Gravity Bar is Compact and Elegant. Use with Gravity Hook in Doorways for a Hidden Suspension Attach Point. Mounts Flush to Frame.

IMPORTANT:  This is not intended to replace your Doctors advice. If you have had spinal surgery or have a history of chronic back pain be sure to consult with your health care professional before using Gravity Belt.